Rice full-length cDNA over-expressed Arabidopsis mutant database
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Construction of Rice FOX Arabidopsis mutant lines

We used rice full-length cDNAs prepared in NIAS into an almost equimolar ratio to generate plant expression library. In this library each full-length rice cDNA is located under CaMV35S promoter and TMV omega sequence for proper protein production. As a starting material we have collected around 13,000 independent rice full-length cDNAs. By Agrobacteria inplanta transformation method developed in Arabidopsis we could transfer T-DNA region of the plant expression library into Arabidopsis. By repeating this transformation procedure we have generated around 20,000 independent Arabidopsis transgenic lines overexpressing rice full-length cDNAs (rice FOX Arabidopsis mutant lines). For detail method of the library construction, please refer to Ichikawa et al., The Plant Journal (2006) 45, 974-985.

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