Rice full-length cDNA over-expressed Arabidopsis mutant database
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Pigments (Secondary compounds)

Secondary compounds such as flavonoids and syapate malate have various functions in plants, such as resisting pathogens and protecting against damage by UV light. They contribute to the taste and color of fruits, vegetables, and grains and the color of flowers. Some promote human health, and are vital for plant quality. Thus, biotechnologies for control of their metabolism offer potential benefits. We tried to isolate rice genes that cause higher accumulation of secondary compounds in plants.

We punched out rosette leaves of rice FOX Arabidopsis plants in the T1 generation and soaked each piece in 80% ethanol with 1% HCl for extraction in 96-well microtiter plates. After incubation for 2 days at 4 ²C in the dark, we transferred the extracts to new plates and measured the optical density at wavelengths of 305 and 530 nm with a plate reader (TECAN Safire; TECAN Systems Inc., San Jose, CA, USA). We isolated candidate mutants with obviously higher optical densities than control plants.

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