Rice full-length cDNA over-expressed Arabidopsis mutant database
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High temperature poses a substantial constraint to the productivity and geographic range of crops, even with the highly sophisticated management systems of today°«s agriculture. There is a risk that increasing global temperatures will change the optimum sites and conditions for crop production and harm agriculture.

Plants respond to stress at both the molecular and physiological levels. To identify rice genes conferring tolerance to heat stress, we screened 20 184 rice FOX Arabidopsis lines. About 15 sterilized T2 seeds of each line were sown on 1/2 MS medium containing 1% sucrose and 0.8% agar, and stratified at 4 °C for 2-4 days. After incubation at 22 °C under continuous light for 4 days, plates were sealed with vinyl tape and put in a 42-°C water bath for 90 min. We evaluated survivability at 22 °C over the following 10 days.

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