Type -
Description -
Location Contig176: 26959-30935


ID pop:POPTR_0006s19400g
description POPTRDRAFT_802207; WD-40 repeat family protein
ID XP_012071573.1
description PREDICTED: nuclear pore complex protein NUP43 [Jatropha curcas]
description Nuclear pore complex protein NUP43 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=NUP43 PE=1 SV=1
description Uncharacterized protein OS=Jatropha curcas GN=JCGZ_04080 PE=4 SV=1
Gene Ontology
ID GO:0005515
description nuclear pore complex protein nup43

Full-length cDNA clone information

PASA_asmbl_16852: 26950-30863

Similar expressed genes (Top20)

Rank Gene Score (JSD) Function Description NCBI(nr) information
1 Hb_000176_020 0.0 - - PREDICTED: nuclear pore complex protein NUP43 [Jatropha curcas]
2 Hb_171900_090 0.0589447763 - - conserved hypothetical protein [Ricinus communis]
3 Hb_001623_270 0.0609926471 transcription factor TF Family: PHD Inhibitor of growth protein, putative [Ricinus communis]
4 Hb_001025_090 0.062611026 - - PREDICTED: FKBP12-interacting protein of 37 kDa [Jatropha curcas]
5 Hb_000230_460 0.0725363621 - - Speckle-type POZ protein, putative [Ricinus communis]
6 Hb_000699_150 0.0729066568 - - PREDICTED: AT-hook motif nuclear-localized protein 14 [Jatropha curcas]
7 Hb_000789_320 0.0751223317 transcription factor TF Family: LUG PREDICTED: transcriptional corepressor LEUNIG-like isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
8 Hb_001221_440 0.0777639272 - - PREDICTED: SUMO-activating enzyme subunit 1B-1 isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
9 Hb_183433_010 0.0779140549 - - PREDICTED: FAD synthase isoform X3 [Jatropha curcas]
10 Hb_007254_020 0.0795820535 - - PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105629137 [Jatropha curcas]
11 Hb_004807_020 0.0810019637 - - PREDICTED: transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 14b-like [Jatropha curcas]
12 Hb_010775_030 0.0813239313 - - PREDICTED: 60S ribosomal protein L4 [Vitis vinifera]
13 Hb_006588_060 0.0819465672 - - PREDICTED: DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor 13 [Jatropha curcas]
14 Hb_164390_010 0.0822447476 transcription factor TF Family: bZIP PREDICTED: transcription factor HBP-1a [Jatropha curcas]
15 Hb_009296_070 0.0824765433 - - PREDICTED: cyclin-dependent kinase D-3 isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
16 Hb_003861_060 0.0835391908 - - PREDICTED: treacle protein [Jatropha curcas]
17 Hb_002203_030 0.0860140864 transcription factor TF Family: NF-YB PREDICTED: protein Dr1 homolog isoform X2 [Jatropha curcas]
18 Hb_000365_230 0.0864938602 - - PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105649056 [Jatropha curcas]
19 Hb_000270_470 0.0868728311 transcription factor TF Family: E2F-DP PREDICTED: pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At1g74900, mitochondrial [Jatropha curcas]
20 Hb_008225_090 0.0870113507 - - PREDICTED: serine/threonine-protein kinase AFC2 isoform X2 [Jatropha curcas]

Gene co-expression network

sample Hb_000176_020 Hb_000176_020 Hb_171900_090 Hb_171900_090 Hb_000176_020--Hb_171900_090 Hb_001623_270 Hb_001623_270 Hb_000176_020--Hb_001623_270 Hb_001025_090 Hb_001025_090 Hb_000176_020--Hb_001025_090 Hb_000230_460 Hb_000230_460 Hb_000176_020--Hb_000230_460 Hb_000699_150 Hb_000699_150 Hb_000176_020--Hb_000699_150 Hb_000789_320 Hb_000789_320 Hb_000176_020--Hb_000789_320 Hb_171900_090--Hb_000789_320 Hb_164390_010 Hb_164390_010 Hb_171900_090--Hb_164390_010 Hb_183433_010 Hb_183433_010 Hb_171900_090--Hb_183433_010 Hb_002272_050 Hb_002272_050 Hb_171900_090--Hb_002272_050 Hb_171900_090--Hb_001025_090 Hb_001623_270--Hb_183433_010 Hb_001623_270--Hb_000789_320 Hb_001623_270--Hb_171900_090 Hb_014834_150 Hb_014834_150 Hb_001623_270--Hb_014834_150 Hb_000230_400 Hb_000230_400 Hb_001623_270--Hb_000230_400 Hb_004807_020 Hb_004807_020 Hb_001025_090--Hb_004807_020 Hb_000270_470 Hb_000270_470 Hb_001025_090--Hb_000270_470 Hb_001025_090--Hb_000789_320 Hb_000875_080 Hb_000875_080 Hb_001025_090--Hb_000875_080 Hb_178968_060 Hb_178968_060 Hb_000230_460--Hb_178968_060 Hb_002435_100 Hb_002435_100 Hb_000230_460--Hb_002435_100 Hb_000137_010 Hb_000137_010 Hb_000230_460--Hb_000137_010 Hb_007254_020 Hb_007254_020 Hb_000230_460--Hb_007254_020 Hb_000160_140 Hb_000160_140 Hb_000230_460--Hb_000160_140 Hb_000699_150--Hb_183433_010 Hb_004333_040 Hb_004333_040 Hb_000699_150--Hb_004333_040 Hb_007472_070 Hb_007472_070 Hb_000699_150--Hb_007472_070 Hb_003098_070 Hb_003098_070 Hb_000699_150--Hb_003098_070 Hb_000365_230 Hb_000365_230 Hb_000699_150--Hb_000365_230 Hb_000339_040 Hb_000339_040 Hb_000789_320--Hb_000339_040 Hb_000866_310 Hb_000866_310 Hb_000789_320--Hb_000866_310 Hb_001153_210 Hb_001153_210 Hb_000789_320--Hb_001153_210
Green: transcription factors, Orange: rubber biosynthesis, Blue: desease resistance

Expression pattern by RNA-Seq analysis

RRIM600_Latex RRIM600_Bark RRIM600_Leaf RRIM600_Petiole PB350_Latex RRIM901_Latex
5.64814 8.44623 13.492 7.31867 4.4857 4.42218
RRII105_Latex_C RRII105_Latex_S RRIM928_Latex RRIM928_Bark RRIM928_Leaf
6.7819 9.22701 4.18501 7.483 7.52784

CAGE analysis