Type transcription factor
Description TF Family: C3H
Location Contig1300: 5361-9660


ID rcu:RCOM_0555400
description nucleic acid binding protein, putative
ID XP_002520668.1
description nucleic acid binding protein, putative [Ricinus communis]
ID Q84W91
description Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 32 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=At2g47850 PE=2 SV=2
description Nucleic acid binding protein, putative OS=Ricinus communis GN=RCOM_0555400 PE=4 SV=1
Gene Ontology
ID GO:0046872
description zinc finger ccch domain-containing protein 32-like

Full-length cDNA clone information

PASA_asmbl_08956: 5347-8019 , PASA_asmbl_08957: 5521-9277

Similar expressed genes (Top20)

Rank Gene Score (JSD) Function Description NCBI(nr) information
1 Hb_001300_010 0.0 transcription factor TF Family: C3H nucleic acid binding protein, putative [Ricinus communis]
2 Hb_004994_240 0.0287258522 - - hypothetical protein PRUPE_ppa004633mg [Prunus persica]
3 Hb_003398_080 0.0514500337 - - PREDICTED: telomere repeat-binding protein 4 isoform X3 [Jatropha curcas]
4 Hb_002492_010 0.0606669361 - - PREDICTED: inositol-tetrakisphosphate 1-kinase 2-like [Populus euphratica]
5 Hb_000120_910 0.0613032428 - - plant ubiquilin, putative [Ricinus communis]
6 Hb_002232_480 0.0631005285 - - PREDICTED: telomerase reverse transcriptase [Jatropha curcas]
7 Hb_000856_040 0.0644073898 transcription factor TF Family: DDT PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105640470 [Jatropha curcas]
8 Hb_012239_020 0.0648261538 - - PREDICTED: protein VAC14 homolog [Jatropha curcas]
9 Hb_060094_020 0.0689433412 desease resistance Gene Name: ATP_bind_1 xpa-binding protein, putative [Ricinus communis]
10 Hb_001699_010 0.0734286648 - - drought-inducible protein [Manihot esculenta]
11 Hb_000510_360 0.0737685206 transcription factor TF Family: GNAT PREDICTED: histone acetyltransferase GCN5 [Jatropha curcas]
12 Hb_000087_060 0.0746454527 - - protein transporter, putative [Ricinus communis]
13 Hb_000868_120 0.0750367961 - - PREDICTED: suppressor of mec-8 and unc-52 protein homolog 2 [Jatropha curcas]
14 Hb_004109_320 0.0751815669 - - PREDICTED: vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 52 A [Jatropha curcas]
15 Hb_000861_080 0.0759833499 - - PREDICTED: protein ELC-like [Jatropha curcas]
16 Hb_000086_420 0.076046756 - - PREDICTED: phospholipid--sterol O-acyltransferase [Jatropha curcas]
17 Hb_000359_040 0.0766881681 - - conserved hypothetical protein [Ricinus communis]
18 Hb_004517_020 0.0768484275 - - PREDICTED: probable ubiquitin-like-specific protease 2B isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
19 Hb_000363_120 0.0776081355 transcription factor TF Family: WRKY PREDICTED: probable WRKY transcription factor 20 [Jatropha curcas]
20 Hb_001716_020 0.0779164356 - - hydrolase, putative [Ricinus communis]

Gene co-expression network

sample Hb_001300_010 Hb_001300_010 Hb_004994_240 Hb_004994_240 Hb_001300_010--Hb_004994_240 Hb_003398_080 Hb_003398_080 Hb_001300_010--Hb_003398_080 Hb_002492_010 Hb_002492_010 Hb_001300_010--Hb_002492_010 Hb_000120_910 Hb_000120_910 Hb_001300_010--Hb_000120_910 Hb_002232_480 Hb_002232_480 Hb_001300_010--Hb_002232_480 Hb_000856_040 Hb_000856_040 Hb_001300_010--Hb_000856_040 Hb_004994_240--Hb_002232_480 Hb_004994_240--Hb_002492_010 Hb_012239_020 Hb_012239_020 Hb_004994_240--Hb_012239_020 Hb_004994_240--Hb_003398_080 Hb_004994_240--Hb_000856_040 Hb_000861_080 Hb_000861_080 Hb_003398_080--Hb_000861_080 Hb_000402_230 Hb_000402_230 Hb_003398_080--Hb_000402_230 Hb_001545_150 Hb_001545_150 Hb_003398_080--Hb_001545_150 Hb_003398_080--Hb_000120_910 Hb_001716_020 Hb_001716_020 Hb_002492_010--Hb_001716_020 Hb_001481_060 Hb_001481_060 Hb_002492_010--Hb_001481_060 Hb_000087_060 Hb_000087_060 Hb_002492_010--Hb_000087_060 Hb_001089_050 Hb_001089_050 Hb_002492_010--Hb_001089_050 Hb_004143_100 Hb_004143_100 Hb_002492_010--Hb_004143_100 Hb_004517_020 Hb_004517_020 Hb_000120_910--Hb_004517_020 Hb_000977_300 Hb_000977_300 Hb_000120_910--Hb_000977_300 Hb_027654_020 Hb_027654_020 Hb_000120_910--Hb_027654_020 Hb_000949_020 Hb_000949_020 Hb_000120_910--Hb_000949_020 Hb_000809_160 Hb_000809_160 Hb_000120_910--Hb_000809_160 Hb_001723_010 Hb_001723_010 Hb_000120_910--Hb_001723_010 Hb_011360_050 Hb_011360_050 Hb_002232_480--Hb_011360_050 Hb_000802_090 Hb_000802_090 Hb_002232_480--Hb_000802_090 Hb_001366_090 Hb_001366_090 Hb_002232_480--Hb_001366_090 Hb_007017_040 Hb_007017_040 Hb_002232_480--Hb_007017_040 Hb_002071_070 Hb_002071_070 Hb_000856_040--Hb_002071_070 Hb_003058_260 Hb_003058_260 Hb_000856_040--Hb_003058_260 Hb_012632_010 Hb_012632_010 Hb_000856_040--Hb_012632_010 Hb_105105_010 Hb_105105_010 Hb_000856_040--Hb_105105_010
Green: transcription factors, Orange: rubber biosynthesis, Blue: desease resistance

Expression pattern by RNA-Seq analysis

RRIM600_Latex RRIM600_Bark RRIM600_Leaf RRIM600_Petiole PB350_Latex RRIM901_Latex
8.58893 17.2975 14.9736 12.0365 8.65392 7.17265
RRII105_Latex_C RRII105_Latex_S RRIM928_Latex RRIM928_Bark RRIM928_Leaf
7.73821 8.11384 9.40551 10.0164 9.27991

CAGE analysis