Type -
Description -
Location Contig1718: 166618-168861


ID pop:POPTR_0003s03230g
description hypothetical protein
ID XP_012075477.1
description PREDICTED: coiled-coil domain-containing protein 97 [Jatropha curcas]
ID -
description -
description Uncharacterized protein OS=Jatropha curcas GN=JCGZ_11898 PE=4 SV=1
Gene Ontology
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description -

Full-length cDNA clone information


Similar expressed genes (Top20)

Rank Gene Score (JSD) Function Description NCBI(nr) information
1 Hb_001718_090 0.0 - - PREDICTED: coiled-coil domain-containing protein 97 [Jatropha curcas]
2 Hb_000046_010 0.0495603898 - - PREDICTED: histidine-containing phosphotransfer protein 1 [Jatropha curcas]
3 Hb_000441_070 0.0610907781 transcription factor TF Family: C3H PREDICTED: 30-kDa cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor 30 isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
4 Hb_000025_360 0.06416442 - - PREDICTED: protein SMG7 isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
5 Hb_006252_020 0.0667669037 - - PREDICTED: SET and MYND domain-containing protein 4 isoform X2 [Jatropha curcas]
6 Hb_003785_040 0.0681074313 - - PREDICTED: R3H domain-containing protein 2-like isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
7 Hb_000529_260 0.0743757394 - - PREDICTED: protein SGT1 homolog At5g65490 [Jatropha curcas]
8 Hb_144831_010 0.0749850009 transcription factor TF Family: MYB transcription factor, putative [Ricinus communis]
9 Hb_000002_040 0.0752934782 - - hypothetical protein JCGZ_01511 [Jatropha curcas]
10 Hb_001247_070 0.0762300543 - - PREDICTED: pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At1g56690, mitochondrial [Jatropha curcas]
11 Hb_000169_130 0.0766901211 - - PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105644141 [Jatropha curcas]
12 Hb_000768_070 0.0773154567 transcription factor TF Family: SNF2 PREDICTED: TATA-binding protein-associated factor BTAF1 isoform X2 [Jatropha curcas]
13 Hb_004128_050 0.0774023437 transcription factor TF Family: C3H zinc finger protein, putative [Ricinus communis]
14 Hb_000139_090 0.07860955 - - PREDICTED: protein TIME FOR COFFEE isoform X3 [Jatropha curcas]
15 Hb_000487_290 0.0788877192 - - ribonucleic acid binding protein S1, putative [Ricinus communis]
16 Hb_003777_160 0.0793839274 transcription factor TF Family: bZIP PREDICTED: G-box-binding factor 4 isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
17 Hb_002783_310 0.0811593981 - - PREDICTED: tRNA (adenine(58)-N(1))-methyltransferase non-catalytic subunit trm6 [Jatropha curcas]
18 Hb_000510_310 0.0812103372 transcription factor TF Family: bHLH PREDICTED: transcription factor UNE12-like [Jatropha curcas]
19 Hb_045793_010 0.0812521898 - - PREDICTED: putative disease resistance protein RGA3 [Pyrus x bretschneideri]
20 Hb_004480_040 0.081294377 - - PREDICTED: DDB1- and CUL4-associated factor homolog 1 isoform X2 [Jatropha curcas]

Gene co-expression network

sample Hb_001718_090 Hb_001718_090 Hb_000046_010 Hb_000046_010 Hb_001718_090--Hb_000046_010 Hb_000441_070 Hb_000441_070 Hb_001718_090--Hb_000441_070 Hb_000025_360 Hb_000025_360 Hb_001718_090--Hb_000025_360 Hb_006252_020 Hb_006252_020 Hb_001718_090--Hb_006252_020 Hb_003785_040 Hb_003785_040 Hb_001718_090--Hb_003785_040 Hb_000529_260 Hb_000529_260 Hb_001718_090--Hb_000529_260 Hb_000046_010--Hb_000441_070 Hb_000046_010--Hb_000025_360 Hb_000510_310 Hb_000510_310 Hb_000046_010--Hb_000510_310 Hb_000046_010--Hb_006252_020 Hb_002188_110 Hb_002188_110 Hb_000046_010--Hb_002188_110 Hb_000322_150 Hb_000322_150 Hb_000441_070--Hb_000322_150 Hb_004480_040 Hb_004480_040 Hb_000441_070--Hb_004480_040 Hb_076693_020 Hb_076693_020 Hb_000441_070--Hb_076693_020 Hb_000169_130 Hb_000169_130 Hb_000441_070--Hb_000169_130 Hb_045793_010 Hb_045793_010 Hb_000025_360--Hb_045793_010 Hb_000025_360--Hb_002188_110 Hb_183963_030 Hb_183963_030 Hb_000025_360--Hb_183963_030 Hb_000107_500 Hb_000107_500 Hb_000025_360--Hb_000107_500 Hb_002174_020 Hb_002174_020 Hb_006252_020--Hb_002174_020 Hb_004659_080 Hb_004659_080 Hb_006252_020--Hb_004659_080 Hb_003044_020 Hb_003044_020 Hb_006252_020--Hb_003044_020 Hb_004128_050 Hb_004128_050 Hb_006252_020--Hb_004128_050 Hb_001454_280 Hb_001454_280 Hb_006252_020--Hb_001454_280 Hb_008112_030 Hb_008112_030 Hb_006252_020--Hb_008112_030 Hb_002615_090 Hb_002615_090 Hb_003785_040--Hb_002615_090 Hb_031527_020 Hb_031527_020 Hb_003785_040--Hb_031527_020 Hb_003785_040--Hb_004128_050 Hb_009503_030 Hb_009503_030 Hb_003785_040--Hb_009503_030 Hb_000395_130 Hb_000395_130 Hb_003785_040--Hb_000395_130 Hb_000092_020 Hb_000092_020 Hb_003785_040--Hb_000092_020 Hb_002221_050 Hb_002221_050 Hb_000529_260--Hb_002221_050 Hb_000424_010 Hb_000424_010 Hb_000529_260--Hb_000424_010 Hb_007885_070 Hb_007885_070 Hb_000529_260--Hb_007885_070 Hb_019153_020 Hb_019153_020 Hb_000529_260--Hb_019153_020 Hb_000529_260--Hb_000510_310 Hb_000320_200 Hb_000320_200 Hb_000529_260--Hb_000320_200
Green: transcription factors, Orange: rubber biosynthesis, Blue: desease resistance

Expression pattern by RNA-Seq analysis

RRIM600_Latex RRIM600_Bark RRIM600_Leaf RRIM600_Petiole PB350_Latex RRIM901_Latex
32.5909 38.3421 14.816 9.68903 40.7356 34.5756
RRII105_Latex_C RRII105_Latex_S RRIM928_Latex RRIM928_Bark RRIM928_Leaf
19.6755 19.9079 19.3484 23.5817 16.3729

CAGE analysis