Type -
Description -
Location Contig3494: 224608-231391


ID rcu:RCOM_0340270
description starch synthase, putative (EC:
ID ABV25894.1
description starch synthase isoform II [Manihot esculenta]
ID Q43847
description Granule-bound starch synthase 2, chloroplastic/amyloplastic OS=Solanum tuberosum GN=SS2 PE=1 SV=3
description Starch synthase, chloroplastic/amyloplastic OS=Manihot esculenta GN=SSII PE=2 SV=1
Gene Ontology
ID GO:0004373
description granule-bound starch synthase chloroplastic amyloplastic

Full-length cDNA clone information

PASA_asmbl_36362: 230176-230340

Similar expressed genes (Top20)

Rank Gene Score (JSD) Function Description NCBI(nr) information
1 Hb_003494_230 0.0 - - starch synthase isoform II [Manihot esculenta]
2 Hb_001541_290 0.0681675668 - - PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105644977 [Jatropha curcas]
3 Hb_002053_150 0.0792818064 - - PREDICTED: small nuclear ribonucleoprotein-associated protein B' [Jatropha curcas]
4 Hb_008033_040 0.0846072869 - - PREDICTED: MATE efflux family protein 3, chloroplastic [Jatropha curcas]
5 Hb_001671_100 0.0954283044 - - glycine-rich RNA-binding family protein [Populus trichocarpa]
6 Hb_070256_010 0.0976510639 transcription factor TF Family: mTERF PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105630457 [Jatropha curcas]
7 Hb_001998_240 0.0980272045 - - PREDICTED: small nuclear ribonucleoprotein-associated protein B' [Jatropha curcas]
8 Hb_003943_110 0.0995613504 transcription factor TF Family: MYB-related Zuotin, putative [Ricinus communis]
9 Hb_000640_040 0.0997896504 - - PREDICTED: bromodomain and WD repeat-containing protein 1 isoform X2 [Jatropha curcas]
10 Hb_003228_110 0.1000624312 - - PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105637245 [Jatropha curcas]
11 Hb_001417_030 0.1003768442 - - PREDICTED: inactive poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase RCD1 [Jatropha curcas]
12 Hb_000922_250 0.1022447355 - - pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein, putative [Ricinus communis]
13 Hb_001946_290 0.1029320433 - - PREDICTED: DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 51-like isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
14 Hb_001716_040 0.1047259805 - - ribonuclease p/mrp subunit, putative [Ricinus communis]
15 Hb_000538_160 0.1057972439 - - PREDICTED: RNA-binding protein 5 isoform X3 [Jatropha curcas]
16 Hb_001235_150 0.1066923051 - - PREDICTED: chaperone protein dnaJ 13 isoform X1 [Jatropha curcas]
17 Hb_000406_200 0.1075220254 - - PREDICTED: translation initiation factor eIF-2B subunit epsilon-like isoform X4 [Jatropha curcas]
18 Hb_188281_040 0.1076354213 - - PREDICTED: transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 12 [Jatropha curcas]
19 Hb_007416_120 0.1077644998 - - arginine/serine-rich splicing factor, putative [Ricinus communis]
20 Hb_002456_010 0.1077769466 - - PREDICTED: protein kinase and PP2C-like domain-containing protein isoform X2 [Jatropha curcas]

Gene co-expression network

sample Hb_003494_230 Hb_003494_230 Hb_001541_290 Hb_001541_290 Hb_003494_230--Hb_001541_290 Hb_002053_150 Hb_002053_150 Hb_003494_230--Hb_002053_150 Hb_008033_040 Hb_008033_040 Hb_003494_230--Hb_008033_040 Hb_001671_100 Hb_001671_100 Hb_003494_230--Hb_001671_100 Hb_070256_010 Hb_070256_010 Hb_003494_230--Hb_070256_010 Hb_001998_240 Hb_001998_240 Hb_003494_230--Hb_001998_240 Hb_001541_290--Hb_002053_150 Hb_002675_130 Hb_002675_130 Hb_001541_290--Hb_002675_130 Hb_003228_110 Hb_003228_110 Hb_001541_290--Hb_003228_110 Hb_001946_290 Hb_001946_290 Hb_001541_290--Hb_001946_290 Hb_001541_290--Hb_001998_240 Hb_002053_150--Hb_001998_240 Hb_006816_280 Hb_006816_280 Hb_002053_150--Hb_006816_280 Hb_002053_150--Hb_003228_110 Hb_003411_040 Hb_003411_040 Hb_002053_150--Hb_003411_040 Hb_001304_110 Hb_001304_110 Hb_008033_040--Hb_001304_110 Hb_003943_110 Hb_003943_110 Hb_008033_040--Hb_003943_110 Hb_027073_020 Hb_027073_020 Hb_008033_040--Hb_027073_020 Hb_001716_040 Hb_001716_040 Hb_008033_040--Hb_001716_040 Hb_001347_060 Hb_001347_060 Hb_008033_040--Hb_001347_060 Hb_000363_310 Hb_000363_310 Hb_008033_040--Hb_000363_310 Hb_007416_120 Hb_007416_120 Hb_001671_100--Hb_007416_120 Hb_001876_050 Hb_001876_050 Hb_001671_100--Hb_001876_050 Hb_001999_310 Hb_001999_310 Hb_001671_100--Hb_001999_310 Hb_002232_360 Hb_002232_360 Hb_001671_100--Hb_002232_360 Hb_000392_430 Hb_000392_430 Hb_001671_100--Hb_000392_430 Hb_001314_050 Hb_001314_050 Hb_001671_100--Hb_001314_050 Hb_003688_150 Hb_003688_150 Hb_070256_010--Hb_003688_150 Hb_003020_220 Hb_003020_220 Hb_070256_010--Hb_003020_220 Hb_000603_110 Hb_000603_110 Hb_070256_010--Hb_000603_110 Hb_009382_010 Hb_009382_010 Hb_070256_010--Hb_009382_010 Hb_002006_030 Hb_002006_030 Hb_070256_010--Hb_002006_030 Hb_002660_010 Hb_002660_010 Hb_070256_010--Hb_002660_010 Hb_001998_240--Hb_006816_280 Hb_004787_050 Hb_004787_050 Hb_001998_240--Hb_004787_050 Hb_003058_260 Hb_003058_260 Hb_001998_240--Hb_003058_260 Hb_001998_240--Hb_003943_110 Hb_001998_240--Hb_002675_130
Green: transcription factors, Orange: rubber biosynthesis, Blue: desease resistance

Expression pattern by RNA-Seq analysis

RRIM600_Latex RRIM600_Bark RRIM600_Leaf RRIM600_Petiole PB350_Latex RRIM901_Latex
2.32557 4.31809 3.32577 1.95499 2.86416 2.86452
RRII105_Latex_C RRII105_Latex_S RRIM928_Latex RRIM928_Bark RRIM928_Leaf
2.82276 4.91735 4.04763 5.98588 5.4929

CAGE analysis