Type transcription factor
Description TF Family: PHD
Location Contig12016: 20682-40875


ID rcu:RCOM_1202370
description DNA binding protein, putative
ID XP_012074892.1
description PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105636265 [Jatropha curcas]
description Increased DNA methylation 1 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=IDM1 PE=1 SV=1
description Uncharacterized protein OS=Jatropha curcas GN=JCGZ_09035 PE=4 SV=1
Gene Ontology
ID GO:0008270
description acyl- n-acyltransferase with ring fyve phd-type zinc finger isoform 1

Full-length cDNA clone information

PASA_asmbl_06251: 20826-33387 , PASA_asmbl_06252: 33498-40625

Similar expressed genes (Top20)

Rank Gene Score (JSD) Function Description NCBI(nr) information
1 Hb_012016_020 0.0 transcription factor TF Family: PHD PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105636265 [Jatropha curcas]
2 Hb_002341_030 0.0734008804 - - PREDICTED: transcription factor bHLH140 [Jatropha curcas]
3 Hb_001871_040 0.0774105244 transcription factor TF Family: FAR1 PREDICTED: protein FAR1-RELATED SEQUENCE 1-like isoform X2 [Jatropha curcas]
4 Hb_000453_080 0.0795193568 - - nucleic acid binding protein, putative [Ricinus communis]
5 Hb_005399_010 0.0829785383 - - PREDICTED: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase UPL5 [Jatropha curcas]
6 Hb_000906_060 0.0896909333 - - PREDICTED: putative pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At3g08820 [Populus euphratica]
7 Hb_008528_010 0.0900510123 - - PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105628498 [Jatropha curcas]
8 Hb_000805_310 0.090145027 - - PREDICTED: pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At3g04760, chloroplastic [Jatropha curcas]
9 Hb_005295_040 0.0905863486 - - PREDICTED: polyadenylate-binding protein RBP47-like [Jatropha curcas]
10 Hb_001582_030 0.0913781467 - - PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105639462 [Jatropha curcas]
11 Hb_000016_110 0.0933873691 - - PREDICTED: pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At4g38010 [Jatropha curcas]
12 Hb_002105_080 0.0934036711 - - PREDICTED: leucine--tRNA ligase, cytoplasmic [Jatropha curcas]
13 Hb_001431_070 0.0940708832 - - PREDICTED: large proline-rich protein bag6-like isoform X2 [Jatropha curcas]
14 Hb_005635_010 0.0968055334 - - PREDICTED: cleft lip and palate transmembrane protein 1 homolog [Jatropha curcas]
15 Hb_110364_010 0.1010157797 - - gamma-tubulin complex component, putative [Ricinus communis]
16 Hb_000003_790 0.1019789285 - - PREDICTED: nuclear poly(A) polymerase 4-like [Jatropha curcas]
17 Hb_009421_030 0.1026366366 - - PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105639700 [Jatropha curcas]
18 Hb_004724_360 0.1036606057 - - OTU-like cysteine protease family protein [Populus trichocarpa]
19 Hb_000116_280 0.1048014625 - - PREDICTED: epidermal growth factor receptor substrate 15-like 1 [Jatropha curcas]
20 Hb_000367_290 0.1052830535 - - PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC105640583 [Jatropha curcas]

Gene co-expression network

sample Hb_012016_020 Hb_012016_020 Hb_002341_030 Hb_002341_030 Hb_012016_020--Hb_002341_030 Hb_001871_040 Hb_001871_040 Hb_012016_020--Hb_001871_040 Hb_000453_080 Hb_000453_080 Hb_012016_020--Hb_000453_080 Hb_005399_010 Hb_005399_010 Hb_012016_020--Hb_005399_010 Hb_000906_060 Hb_000906_060 Hb_012016_020--Hb_000906_060 Hb_008528_010 Hb_008528_010 Hb_012016_020--Hb_008528_010 Hb_002725_070 Hb_002725_070 Hb_002341_030--Hb_002725_070 Hb_005635_010 Hb_005635_010 Hb_002341_030--Hb_005635_010 Hb_002928_060 Hb_002928_060 Hb_002341_030--Hb_002928_060 Hb_001504_160 Hb_001504_160 Hb_002341_030--Hb_001504_160 Hb_110364_010 Hb_110364_010 Hb_002341_030--Hb_110364_010 Hb_123777_030 Hb_123777_030 Hb_001871_040--Hb_123777_030 Hb_004055_040 Hb_004055_040 Hb_001871_040--Hb_004055_040 Hb_004096_020 Hb_004096_020 Hb_001871_040--Hb_004096_020 Hb_063047_010 Hb_063047_010 Hb_001871_040--Hb_063047_010 Hb_003406_040 Hb_003406_040 Hb_001871_040--Hb_003406_040 Hb_001871_040--Hb_002928_060 Hb_001582_030 Hb_001582_030 Hb_000453_080--Hb_001582_030 Hb_005000_270 Hb_005000_270 Hb_000453_080--Hb_005000_270 Hb_000453_080--Hb_005635_010 Hb_002105_080 Hb_002105_080 Hb_000453_080--Hb_002105_080 Hb_001486_120 Hb_001486_120 Hb_000453_080--Hb_001486_120 Hb_000016_110 Hb_000016_110 Hb_005399_010--Hb_000016_110 Hb_000497_140 Hb_000497_140 Hb_005399_010--Hb_000497_140 Hb_005399_010--Hb_001871_040 Hb_000106_040 Hb_000106_040 Hb_005399_010--Hb_000106_040 Hb_001431_070 Hb_001431_070 Hb_005399_010--Hb_001431_070 Hb_004724_360 Hb_004724_360 Hb_000906_060--Hb_004724_360 Hb_000906_060--Hb_001504_160 Hb_012654_010 Hb_012654_010 Hb_000906_060--Hb_012654_010 Hb_000906_060--Hb_002341_030 Hb_001575_080 Hb_001575_080 Hb_000906_060--Hb_001575_080 Hb_000134_360 Hb_000134_360 Hb_008528_010--Hb_000134_360 Hb_000003_790 Hb_000003_790 Hb_008528_010--Hb_000003_790 Hb_008528_010--Hb_001486_120 Hb_008528_010--Hb_001582_030 Hb_022288_010 Hb_022288_010 Hb_008528_010--Hb_022288_010
Green: transcription factors, Orange: rubber biosynthesis, Blue: desease resistance

Expression pattern by RNA-Seq analysis

RRIM600_Latex RRIM600_Bark RRIM600_Leaf RRIM600_Petiole PB350_Latex RRIM901_Latex
72.8764 53.1328 11.5759 12.6656 96.7602 153.218
RRII105_Latex_C RRII105_Latex_S RRIM928_Latex RRIM928_Bark RRIM928_Leaf
32.2701 24.739 50.9239 25.4365 18.2392

CAGE analysis